Madhu's At The Sheraton

Sheraton Skyline Hotel, Bath Road, Hayes, London, UB3 5BP, United Kingdom

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This establishment is sister to Madhu’s in Southall, a restaurant of which I have been a regular customer for decades. The room here is much smarter, on the ground floor of the Sheraton Skyline hotel, but offering the same Punjabi dishes as in Southall. A key difference, though, is the robata grill that they have in the kitchen here, which adds an extra dimension to the dishes made using it.

Lamb chops (using New Zealand lamb) were as excellent as before, accurately cooked, lightly spiced and with a pleasing smoky note from the charcoal of the robata grill (15/20). Whole sea bass cooked over charcoal also benefited from the same smoky hint, the fish precisely timed and having lovely flavour (15/20).

Murgh malai tikka was a touch less good that I have had before here, the version tonight just a little drier than ideal, though the spicing was fine (13/20). Cauliflower with fenugreek was dazzling, the texture terrific and the vegetable suffused with well-balanced spices; for me this was the dish of the night (easily 15/20).

For dessert, almond kulfi is made from scratch rather than bought in as at so many Indian restaurants. It had plenty of flavour and, crucially, was served at the right temperature. Too many places might as well serve an ice pick as a fork with their kulfi (14/20).

Service was excellent: friendly and efficient. The bill came to £42 a head with beer to drink. The restaurant was packed tonight, with both private rooms in use as well as the large dining room. The staff handled this busy evening well, and the service operation ran smoothly. This restaurant is a bit off the beaten path unless you are in the Heathrow area, but the best dishes here are up there with the finest Indian cooking in London. 


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