The New York 2008 Michelin comes out

Thursday, October 11th , 2007

Michelin 5472 edition 1900-crop-v13.jpg

In the 2008 Michelin Guide to New York, there is no change at the three star level. Gordon Ramsay must be feeling vindicated as his venture debuts with two stars despite the poor review by Frank Bruni of the New York Times. Picholine is promoted from one star to two stars, but otherwise that is the only change at the two star level along with Ramsay. There are now six two star places in total. 

There are 33 one star establishments in 2008, compared to 31 in 2007. The six new entrants are Anthos, Blue Hill, Dressler, Gilt, Jojo and l'Atelier du Joel Robuchon. Demotions are Craft, La Goulou and Lever House. 

The full list is here