A Flying Curry

Saturday, March 12th , 2022

madhus-sheraton 5472 lamb chop close up-crop-v2.JPG

Madhu’s in Southall is an old favourite, and in recent years they have expanded a little, opening a branch in Mayfair and this branch at Heathrow in the Sheraton Skyline hotel. The kitchen has a robata grill, which adds an interesting charcoal note to the tandoori dishes. For example, the tandoori lamb chop here (pictured) is very good indeed. Otherwise the menu is familiar from Southall, and we enjoyed a very good dal makhani and nice chicken biryani, amongst other dishes. What is surprising is how cheap it is, given that it is in an airport hotel.

The Michelin guide to Germany for 2022 came out, with a demotion for Vendome but a promotion to three stars for Schanz in the Mosel.