From Westminster to Marble Arch

Saturday, February 08th , 2020

the-yard 5472 venison and lentils-crop-v3.jpg  

The Yard is a British restaurant in a quite new luxury hotel in Westminster. It has an executive chef who was formerly head chef of the Ledbury, and has had an expensive fit out including some rather peculiar staff uniforms. The savoury dishes that we ate were generally excellent, especially a lovely fallow deer main course (pictured), but things fell apart at the dessert stage. Such inconsistency is less forgivable when the prices are as high as this, supplemented by one of the most outrageously priced wine lists that I have ever seen.

Another newish luxury hotel restaurant is Tokii within a Japanese-owned hotel in Marble Arch called the Prince Akatoki. By contrast with The Yard, the pricing at Tokii was very fair, and the kitchen delivered some very good dishes in the Japanese influenced style that you might find at Roka or Zuma. There was some excellent prawn tempura and indeed the standard of food throughout was very good, even if service was a little flaky. This is a restaurant that has had little media coverage, and given the lack of response from their PR agency for background information I can see why that might be.