From Soho to Knightsbridge

Saturday, April 23rd , 2022

humble-chicken 5472 grill-crop-v2.JPG  

Al Mare is an Italian restaurant in the Carlton hotel in Knightsbridge, the kitchen led by an experienced chef and serving a range of Italian dishes, not just the seafood suggested by the name. I had a particularly good saffron risotto, and some enjoyable rigatoni with black truffle. Despite the hotel location, the wine list was not unreasonable either. 

Humble Chicken is a proper yakitori (Japanese grilled chicken) restaurant, something that London has lacked until now, at least one of any high standard. Humble Chicken has a very capable chef, Japanese charcoal on the grill (pictured), unusually good quality chicken and a skilful touch. The non-chicken dishes were excellent, and the skewers of chicken, some using quite exotic cuts of the bird, were a revelation. This is right up there with proper yakitori in Tokyo.