From Ascot to East Sheen

Saturday, July 09th , 2022

coworth-park 4032 turbot-crop-v2.jpeg

Coworth Park is in a luxury hotel near Ascot and has a well-deserved Michelin star. We had another excellent meal here recently, with a tasting menu that included an exceptional dish of turbot with lobster wrapped in courgette flower (pictured). This is a place with an appealing menu, skilful cooking, high quality ingredients and a nice setting, with service to match.

Black Salt has become a regular haunt of mine, sister to the superb Dastaan but closer to London and with a lot more space than its elder sister. The menu is much the same as at Dastaan and there is a high level of skill in the kitchen. Tandoori dishes are very well handled, spicing is vibrant and there are some unusual dishes as well as more familiar ones. Pork vindaloo is very well made here, but it is just one of many fine dishes. This is a quite a bargain when you compare it to flashier central London Indian restaurants, but very few Mayfair places can match the skill level here.