London's newest 3 star Restaurant

Saturday, June 12th , 2021

helene-darroze-at-the-connaught 5472 front-crop-v2.jpg

Aulis London is a tiny six-seat restaurant that showcases the food of Simon Rogan. Guests sit around the single table and are served courses together, in dinner party style. Of course at a dinner party you are unlikely to be served a 14 course tasting menu as you get here. There were some excellent dishes, including a chawanmushi savoury custard and a nice dish of peas and egg yolk. I was less taken with the modern desserts featuring assorted shrubbery, and the bill is high, but it was certainly an enjoyable evening.

Helene Darroze at The Connaught was elevated to three Michelin stars in the most recent guide, so it seemed time to revisit. The food has definitely nudged up a notch from my previous meal, with a lobster dish with spices as well as all the desserts being top class. Not everything worked quite as well, but generally the standard of food was high. The wine list here is daylight robbery, so it is easy for the bill to get out of hand.