Visiting Edinburgh

Saturday, November 12th , 2022

edinburgh 5472 Holyrood House front-crop-v2.JPG

The Scran and Scallie continues to pack the punters in by offering appealing dishes that use good ingredients and are well made, such as a high-class scallop with apple and celeriac. The Fishmarket at Newhaven was a mixed affair, with good fish and chips but some dubious side dishes and starters, then a very good dessert.

The two long term high end places in Edinburgh are Kitchin and Martin Wishart. Wishart is a little more classical and uses very high grade ingredients, cooking lovely food and serving it in a peaceful dining room. Kitchin is more bustling in atmosphere but the savoury dishes are also classy, with lovely teal at this meal for example. 

I was also impressed by the terrific viennoiserie at The Palmerston – if you fancy a croissant then this is the place to go.