From Hammersmith to Southall

Saturday, March 16th , 2024

jin-da-thai 4032 front-crop-v2.jpeg

Cho Asia is a Putney restaurant serving food with a mix of Thai, Chinese and Indian influences. The head chef is Indian and has a serious pedigree, and to be honest it seemed very odd for him to be knocking out Thai green curry and Chinese noodles when he is capable of producing superb Indian food, as he did at his previous billeting.

Jin Da Thai is a Hammersmith Thai eatery that serves authentic and good value Thai food with service that ranges from chaotic (on my last visit) to marginally grumpy (this visit). It is a simple local place and the dishes that we tried were very pleasant.

We also had a very good meal at The Brilliant, but as I had dishes that I have written about previously I have not bothered to write a repeat review. Suffice it to say that the standard here is as high as ever, and I really enjoyed my fish pakora followed by methi chicken with aloo gobi.