From Bloomsbury to Castelnau

Saturday, April 08th , 2023

the-ninth 4032 outside in daylight-crop-v2.jpeg


Postbox is an Indian restaurant in Castelnau (north of Barnes) and was enjoyable, though not entirely consistent. Among some good dishes there were also some duds, including a poor naan and a couple of dishes using very cheap prawns. This was a shame as otherwise the cooking was quite good.


The Ninth is a well-established Michelin starred restaurant in Charlotte Street. The menu is appealing, the technical execution good and the staff very welcoming. Prices have gone up since my last visit, but that is a general issue in London.


I also popped back to the superb Black Salt. Since I had dishes that I had already written about several times (chicken chops, kale bhajia, methi chicken) I didn’t write a fresh review, but everything was at the same high standard.