From Tower Hill to Chiswick

Saturday, August 14th , 2021

dame-de-pic-london 5472 chocolate and cherry dessert-crop-v2.jpg  

High Road Brasserie is the restaurant of High Road House in Chiswick that is open to the public (there is also a member only restaurant upstairs). Open all day and almost always busy, there are no attempts at culinary greatness here, but rather an appealing menu, friendly staff and an open-air terrace. The food is mostly pretty simple stuff, but there are odd flashes of ambition, as with a very good haddock souffle at our latest visit.

La Dame de Pic is the London outlet of the legendary Anne Sophie Pic in Valence, located in the Four Seasons hotel opposite the Tower of London. The food here is very well executed, though you can find more exciting savoury dishes in London. What you will struggle to find is a better pastry section, with the desserts here, such as a pretty chocolate and cherry dessert (pictured) being really top drawer.