From Moorgate to Greek Street

Saturday, October 10th , 2020

noble-rot-soho 5472 outside-crop-v2.jpg

Angler, on the top floor of a smart hotel near Moorgate, has held a Michelin star for several years now. We had a particularly good meal here this week, with an exceptional scallop dish, excellent red mullet and a high standard across a complete tasting menu. Angler is not a cheap outing, as good seafood costs money, but the service is excellent and the dining room has a nice view over the rooftops to complement the classy cooking.  I have upgraded my website score based on this meal. 

Noble Rot has recently lost head chef Paul Weaver, who has moved to Canada, but it has opened a new branch in what used to be the venerable Gay Hussar premises in Soho. Because Paul Weaver’s cooking at Noble Rot was so good, perhaps my expectations were too high here, though the Soho branch has a similarly superb wine list to the original. The cooking was less consistent, with a pleasant slip sole dish, decent roast chicken but with morels that were rather sorry for themselves, and an outright bad Armagnac baba. Perhaps the cooking will settle down in time, and certainly the great wine list and the charming service are assets, but there is room for improvement here.