From Petersham to White City

Saturday, June 26th , 2021

endo-at-the-rotunda 5472 chef Endo-crop-v1.jpg


The Dysart has finally got a long overdue Michelin star, and the cooking there continues to develop. It is a lovely spot, with a big fireplace, widely spaced tables and a charming service team led by its owner. The chef is a Roux Scholar and uses good ingredients, as shown at this latest meal with a fillet of turbot from a huge 15kg fish that had lovely flavour, paired with a rich vin jaune sauce. The wine list is unusually good here, with fair prices. If you are ever looking for a meal in the Richmond area then this is the place to go. 


Endo at The Rotunda is clearly the best sushi restaurant in London now. The chef has tweaked his product quality, now using top class N25 caviar rather than the mediocre product he used before. Wasabi is from the most prestigious wasabi area of Japan, and rice is from the same supplier as top of the range Sushi Saito in Tokyo. The meal is not cheap but is quite extensive, with a few dishes popping in to break up the sushi sequence, such as a pretty dish of vegetables in the middle of the meal. Endo is an engaging host and the staff are well trained. The sushi experience is as good as you will find outside of a limited number of restaurants in Japan.