From White City to Shoreditch

Saturday, May 27th , 2023

zapote 4032 room-crop-v2.jpeg  

Endo at The Rotunda is the closest that you can find in London to a Tokyo sushi experience. The meal unfolds at a wooden counter with a dozen diners, the sushi being skilfully made in front of you by chef Endo. The fish used is mostly caught in Cornwall and all the ingredients used here are top notch, from the rice to the freshly grated wasabi. To be sure it is not a cheap night out, but this is one of the toughest reservations to score in the capital.

Zapote (pictured) is a Mexican restaurant in Shoreditch that had some very positive press reviews, but sadly the reality was distinctly underwhelming. A noisy room was the least of the problems, with mediocre and in some cases downright misjudged dishes at surprisingly high prices. This was a place that I will be avoiding.