From Tower Hill to Belgravia

Saturday, October 30th , 2021

sachi 5472 outside-crop-v2.JPG

Sachi is a restaurant within the Pantechnicon building on newly pedestrianised Motcomb Street in Belgravia. It is vaguely Japanese in style, in the way that Roka or Zuma or Nobu is Japanese. We tried a variety of mainly sushi and tempura dishes. I slightly preferred the tempura, which was quite light, though nothing compares with the feather light tempura that top places in Tokyo seem to manage so effortlessly. Sushi was pleasant enough and the whole experience was enjoyable in a rather Belgravia level spending kind of a way.

La Dame de Pic delivered another technically precise meal, this time via a lengthy tasting menu. I particularly liked a dish of sea bass and caviar and also a sweetbread dish, and the service was very slick indeed. This is of course never going to be a cheap outing, but there is plenty of skill on display in the kitchen.