From Piccadilly to Park Lane

Saturday, November 11th , 2023

ritz 4032 native lobster classy-crop-v2.jpeg

The Dorchester Grill serves an a la carte menu of classical dishes, so bucks the trend for no-choice-tasting menus. We had a good whole roast chicken with little chicken pies on the side, and an array of canapes. Given that this is in a posh hotel in Park Lane, it is possible to eat here without breaking the bank, though if you indulge in the wine list then that may change.

The Ritz is my favourite fine-dining London restaurant. I had another lovely meal there, with a particular highlight being Bresse chicken cooked en vessie i.e. in a pig bladder. The presentation of this adds some theatre and, more importantly, the bird itself tasted great, enhanced by some shaved white truffles. The other dishes were lovely too, including some classics and a new lobster dish, along with a Mont Blanc for dessert.