From Mayfair to Ladbroke Grove

Saturday, January 14th , 2023

ormer-mayfair 5472 building front in daylight-crop-v2.JPG

There is a new head chef at Ormer Mayfair (pictured), and the cooking style has certainly changed there. The meal was a touch erratic in standard but the best dishes were every good indeed, with excellent canapes, a lovely ham jelly dish and gorgeous cured mackerel dish in particular. Some dishes were not to this level but given the not excessive price point this was a most enjoyable meal.

I did less well at Orasay, a bustling neighbourhood restaurant in Ladbroke Grove. There was a pleasant enough pork chop and a decent fried haddock burger, but an oddly flavoured crab dish and an unsuccessful bream. The place was packed out with young people and so they are clearly appealing successfully to their target audience.