All Roads Lead to Rome

Saturday, June 15th , 2024

rome 4032 colloseum from mid distance excellent-crop-v2.jpeg

On a short trip to Rome I tried Ineo, a fairly new fine dining restaurant in a luxury hotel. The head chef here used to run the kitchen at the late, lamented Apsleys in London and he has certainly not forgotten how to cook. A deceptively simple pasta dish was my favourite part of the meal, but the standard of the savoury courses was high across the entire dinner. 

Roscioli is a historic bakery that also sells ham and pasta etc and packs in several tables for lunch and dinner as well. It uses very high-quality ingredients and cooks simple, traditional Roman dishes like cacio e pepe. It is a very popular place these days but the service that I encountered was still very good despite the crowds. If you are looking for authentic Italian food in Rome then this should be high on your list.