From Brentford to Mayfair

Saturday, January 27th , 2024

atelier-robuchon-london2 caviar royae pretty classy-crop-v2.jpeg

Atelier Robuchon in Mayfair is the return to London of this up-market dining group, who used to have a venue in Covent Garden. Atelier Robuchon is a sprawling global empire these days, but the standards here are high. We had exceptionally good starters (caviar imperial pictured) and a gorgeous bread basket that in itself was a thing of beauty. Other dishes were not quite in the league of the starters but still good, and service was meticulous and the menu very attractive. This is a finely honed formula and will doubtless do well. 

Sam’s Waterside in Brentford is the sister to Sam’s Riverside in Hammersmith. It has the same formula of a smart room with a view over the Thames, friendly staff and an appealing menu. This isn’t a fine dining destination, but it should prosper given its excellent location, especially when the warmer weather returns.