From Richmond to Belgravia

Saturday, February 11th , 2023

scotts-of-richmond 4032 upstairs bar-crop-v2.jpeg

Scott’s in Mayfair is an historic London restaurant that now has a new sibling on the riverside in Richmond (pictured). It is a large restaurant over two floors with the same seafood emphasis as its parent, and the same high prices. Objectively the food is nothing special even though the menu is appealing and the service is good, so again much like the original in Mayfair. The open-air terrace overlooking the river and the genuinely classy décor will doubtless ensure its success: I just wish the food was better.

Hunan has been running for forty years in Belgravia, a Chinese restaurant with no written menu and an unusually good wine list. The son of the original founder is responsible for the wine list, and clearly a restaurant with this longevity must have loyal customers. There were some good dishes in the long tasting menu which is the signature of the restaurant, but a few too many inconsistencies for me.