A Trip to Birmingham

Saturday, May 11th , 2024

birmingham 4032 taken in 2024 near Hyatt no idea what it is-crop-v2.jpeg

I recently visited Birmingham, which has some quite impressive buildings in its centre (example pictured). Rajdoot is a venerable Indian restaurant in Birmingham that has been operating for decades. It is smartly decorated and the food and service were good, with the slightly high price the only quibble.

Adam’s is a Michelin-starred restaurant that delivered an excellent meal, with highlights including a fine turbot dish. The service was charming and the room was elegant, with an affordable corkage policy as a bonus.

Opheem is a modern Indian restaurant that was recently awarded a second Michelin star. The food was very good, with a particularly impressive pickled potato dish the star for me. This is certainly a restaurant that is a culinary highlight for the city.