From Ealing to Seasalter

Saturday, June 22nd , 2024

sportsman 4032 outside in 2024 excellent-crop-v2.jpeg  

L’Oro di Napoli is an excellent Neapolitan-style pizzeria in Ealing, where the pizza base is soft and supple and cooked quickly in a very hot oven. A wide range of toppings is available, and there are a few starters and desserts to round out the menu. The pizza here is unusually good and the restaurant is unsurprisingly packed.

The Sportsman is something of a legend on the British culinary scene, pioneering the use of ultra-local British ingredients, even curing its own ham and collecting salt from the local beach. Owner and founder Stephen Harris could still be found in the kitchen, and there were some very good dishes on this tasting menu, all at an affordable price. Perhaps the cooking does not quite shine quite as brightly as it once did, but this is still a very enjoyable place to eat, and worth the journey to the Kent coast.