From Park Lane to Burchetts Green

Saturday, August 12th , 2023

pavyllon-park-lane 4032 dining room-crop-v2.jpeg

Pavyllon (pictured) is the London opening of Yannick Alleno, Parisian star chef and restaurant empire builder. Pavyllon is in Park Lane and was suitably smart, with excellent service and a couple of genuinely good dishes. However, it was also rather erratic, with some dishes seeming to be over-worked in an effort to show originality. The wine list was extortionate even by Mayfair standards, and the corkage policy was the kind that Satan would devise. The food was objectively quite good on average, but at this price it is hard to heartily recommend. 

The Crown at Burchetts Green has been under new ownership for a while now, and this was my second meal there. The food was excellent, with consistently good dishes, an appealing menu, nice service and affordable prices. It was interesting comparing this meal with Pavyllon, where the standard was objectively similar on average, but Pavyllon was more than triple the price.