From Smithfield Market to Piccadilly

Saturday, October 07th , 2023

bouchon-racine 4032 outside-crop-v2.jpeg  

Bouchon Racine (pictured) was a very pleasant experience, with simple classic dishes such as chicken liver terrine and cote de boeuf very well executed and served in a pleasant room above a pub. The combination of well-made food, affordable prices and an appealing menu has contributed to the success of this restaurant.

The Ritz continues to sail serenely onwards, serving impeccable classical French food in its fine 1906 dining room. A newish dish at this meal was one of heritage potatoes and oyster, and very successful it was too. There is real theatre here in the tableside preparation of the Anjou pigeon, with a sauce made using the juices of the bird’s carcass pressed in a silver duck press, the sauce flambeed beside the table. The Ritz is serving the best food in London at present.