From Bethnal Green to Chiswick

Saturday, July 17th , 2021

daterra 5472 entrance-crop-v2.jpg

Haandi is one of the most reliable Indian restaurants in London, tucked away in a side street almost opposite Harrods. Despite the posh location, the prices are remarkably fair, and the standard of cooking is high. Aloo gobi is a star dish here, and the chicken tikka is also much better than at most Indian restaurants. Long may it prosper.

Da Terra (pictured) in Bethnal Green was recently granted a second Michelin star for its modern European food with South American touches. The dishes are extremely well presented, with very precise plating, and the restaurant has a good atmosphere, with well trained staff. The tasting menu had some excellent dishes within it, though there was also some inconsistency at times. I was a surprised to see products like Exmoor caviar and ordinary espresso coffee on the menu; it would be hard to justify at a one-star restaurant, but two? The food is interesting but it is also quite pricy, so at the least the kitchen should be trying to use top notch ingredients. 

La Trompette was the first restaurant in Chiswick to gain a Michelin star, and it has become a fixture of the neighbourhood. The menu is very appealing and the dishes nicely executed at our latest visit, with the wine list being a real bonus here. This is now quite extensive and is as well priced as ever, and a well priced wine list is a rare thing indeed in London.