From Twickenham to Surbiton

Saturday, April 15th , 2023

tsaretta-spice 4032 outside-crop-v2.jpeg

Nay Thai is a well-established Thai restaurant in Surbiton that seems popular with the locals based on the packed dining room when we went. The food was harmless enough, but the spicing was rather simplistic, with a chilli kick but little in the way of complexity from multiple spices that characterises the best Thai cooking.

Tsaretta Spice in Twickenham is tucked away down an pedestrianised street and was actually better than I was expecting from a neighbourhood restaurant. The chef certainly knows how to make a biryani, it emerging with a sealed pastry lid, and several other dishes were very good too. I would happily return if I am in the area.

In other news, there was a new 3 star restaurant in Munich - Jan by Jan Hartwig. This was not a great surprise since he had earned three stars for the terrific Atelier before setting up his own venture at Jan.