From Mayfair to Bevis Marks

Saturday, April 06th , 2019

barullo 5472 dining room-crop-v2.JPG

Alyn Williams at The Westbury is in Mayfair and is located in a windowless but smartly decorated dining room, and has held a Michelin star for a few years. This meal included some good dishes, including excellent chicken liver parfait in brik pastry cylinders, a nice gurnard and mussel dish in a mild curry sauce, and a good gariguette strawberry dessert. The pricing here is perplexing, as the food itself is quite fairly priced, but the wine list is outrageous. Several wines, even those from dusty corners of the list, are over ten times their retail price, which is simply egregious. The smart move here is to order the fairly priced food and drink tap water.

Barullo (pictured) is a new Spanish restaurant from the chef/owner of Rambla. Just near The Gherkin, the place was already packed out at lunch just five days after opening, and they haven’t even put the sign above the door yet. As with Rambla, the restaurant serves good quality tapas with unusually good ingredients, such as croquettas with wild mushrooms and real black truffle. You can share a big pan of paella, and I enjoyed a very good crème Catalana with raspberry sorbet to finish