A Visit to Berlin

Saturday, August 13th , 2022

rutz 4032 outside rotated-crop-v2.jpeg

This week I went to Berlin, mainly to review Rutz, the latest three-star Michelin restaurant in Germany. Rutz is quite modernist, set in a former wine bar, and suitably it has an extensive and well-priced wine list, with a huge selection of Germany Riesling. The tasting menu was quite enjoyable, with a particularly good mangalitza pork dish and, although this modernist style of food is not really my favourite thing, other than a weird dessert the standard of food was fairly high. Staff were also charming.

One oddity about Berlin is that very few of the fine dining restaurants open at lunch, so squeezing an extra high-end meal in was tricky. I instead went with a local recommendation for a couple of ethnic restaurants. Peking Ente is a pleasant Chinese restaurant whose notional speciality, the Peking duck, was not great, but whose food was mostly quite decent. Similarly, Bahadur is an Indian restaurant popular with locals, who managed a very capable prawn starter and was modestly priced.