From Marylebone to Chelsea

Saturday, November 18th , 2023

gordon-ramsay 4032 tarte tatin excellent-crop-v2.jpeg

LAVO London is a glitzy and very large Italian restaurant in a Marylebone Hotel. The food was decent enough but the pricing was distinctly ambitious given the level of cooking, and the service was well-meaning but rather flaky at our table. This is very much a place to be seen, the kind of restaurant that the Sex in the City girls would have visited if only they were in London rather than New York, where in fact the original LAVO is based.

The flagship Gordon Ramsay restaurant in Chelsea sails serenely on, offering fairly classical food with a kitchen that has plenty of technical skill. This meal was a touch better than my previous one here, with particularly good scallop and venison dishes and a lovely tarte tatin (pictured).