The Old and New of Madrid

Saturday, December 02nd , 2023

el-pescador 4032 seafood display excellent-crop-v2.jpeg 

I had a brief trip to Madrid and had time for just two meals. I thought it would be interesting to sample an up-and-coming new place and contrast this with a venerable institution.

Araia is achingly hipster, with a dark dining room, eclectic menu and a mostly natural wine list. I had some trepidations about this place when I saw the somewhat oddball menu but in reality, the food was very enjoyable, and the owner, who runs the front of the house, was a real charmer. 

El Pescador (pictured) has been around for nearly five decades and serves seafood, with a proud display of fish and shellfish in the window. The cooking is simple but the produce being used is very good, and prices are fair. As a bonus, there are plenty of bargains on the decidedly old-fashioned wine list.