From Kensington to Knightsbridge

Saturday, January 28th , 2023

studio-frantzen 4032 dining room from above-crop-v2.jpeg

The Holland is a neighbourhood pub in Kensington where the food is a lot better than you might expect in such a humble location. Venison and smoked bacon faggot was very enjoyable, as was a well-made treacle tart. The staff were particularly friendly and helpful, and this is certainly a place I would return to if in the area.

A considerably pricier venue is Studio Frantzen at the top of Harrods, which is the casual sister of a three-star restaurant in Stockholm. Studio Frantzen is a large and elegantly designed space, complete with roof terrace, and a menu that is broadly Scandinavian with some Asian touches. A turbot dish here was particularly well made, but I also enjoyed a veal tartare and a yuzu sorbet dessert. This is not a cheap outing but the food was consistently good.