From Chelsea to Soho

Saturday, March 25th , 2023

sola 4032 tuna dish best-crop-v4.jpeg

Wild Tavern is well located Italian themed restaurant in Chelsea that I had tried once before. I was persuaded to give it another go but someone in the business, but unfortunately our experience was even more disappointing than last time. A lowlight was a £44 dish of “fresh black truffle” which was actually a remarkable uninspiring dish of cheap summer truffle, with no true tuber melanosporum black truffle in sight, yet priced at £44 for a dish that cost probably less than £4. Add in the high noise levels and packed tables at the restaurant and this is a place that I will not be rushing back to. 

Sola was an altogether more enjoyable experience. Here the kitchen go to considerable lengths to procure genuinely top notch seasonal produce. At this latest meal we had lovely superb tuna (pictured), excellent porcelet (suckling pig) and a particularly good grapefruit dessert, amongst other dishes.