From Marble Arch to Pinner

Saturday, June 04th , 2022

junsei 4032 chef at work-crop-v2.jpeg 

Good yakitori restaurants are like London buses: you may for ages and then two come along at once. As well as Humble Chicken in Soho there is now Junsei (pictured) near Marble Arch. This serves skewers of all sorts of parts of a chicken that you may be less familiar with, and grills them over charcoal. The result is very tasty indeed, the meat enhanced by tare sauce and assorted extras, such as wasabi with the tenderloin.

Trinco Bay is a Sri Lankan restaurant in Pinner (or Rayners Lane to be precise) which has a sizeable Sri Lankan population and several restaurants serving the cuisine of that island nation. There were some interesting and enjoyable dishes, such as mutton rolls and “kingfish devil”, all in a bustling setting surrounded by Sri Lankan families. It is remarkably cheap to boot.