From Richmond to Mayfair

Saturday, July 06th , 2024

aragawa-mayfair 4032 steak displayed-crop-v2.jpeg 

Aragawa is a Japanese steak house in Mayfair, related to a famous restaurant in Kobe. This restaurant serves the very top Kobe beef (pictured), flown over from Japan, and cooks it simply and beautifully. The other dishes on the menu are unremarkable but that is hardly the point – the beef is dazzling. So is the price, which is eye-watering, but then this is some of the best beef on the planet. 

The Dysart is one of my absolute favourite restaurants in London. It has a gifted chef, it uses lovely ingredients, has charming service and a relaxed atmosphere, all at an affordable price in its context. Each meal that I have there seems to get slightly better. The Dysart serves food that is better than most of the multi-starred restaurants in London. Seek it out.