From Chiswick to Mayfair

Saturday, August 19th , 2023

silver-birch 4032 outside very good-crop-v2.jpeg

Silver Birch is a neighbourhood restaurant that has acquired a chef with a very good background from The Barn, the casual sister of two star Michelin Moor Hall. The food is definitely a notch up over the previous kitchen head, and Silver Birch is becoming a very useful addition to the Chiswick dining scene.

Hakkasan Mayfair runs like a Swiss watch despite its vast scale, the service always slick and the standard of the dishes remarkably consistent. This is not cutting edge food and nor is it trying to be, but it delivers to a high standard, with even simple dishes like bak choi being very carefully cooked. Of course, most people coming here will order something pricier, and there are luxury ingredients aplenty should you wish.