The Ledbury Reopens

Saturday, April 09th , 2022

ledbury 5472 dining room in 2022-crop-v3.JPG

The Ledbury (pictured) reopened early this year to much anticipation, and I deliberately left it a couple of months to review because I had heard that the early services were a little rocky, especially with regards to service. The latter issues seem to have been fixed and we were well looked after, but I have to say that the kitchen seems yet to have settled down. We had two really good dishes (the crab and the lamb) but also a sequence of lacklustre ones. At £180 a head menu with no luxury ingredients and a stunningly expensive wine list (completely unlike the old days) it was rather an expensive disappointment. Hopefully it will improve in time, and certainly Brett Graham can cook, but the meal that I had was quite erratic.

Dastaan, tucked away in an unlikely terrace of shops in Ewell, is producing the best Indian food in and around London in my view. This is a view confirmed over many visits, including at this one, where dishes like the red pepper tiger prawns would not have felt out of place in a multi-starred Michelin restaurant. If you have not been to Dastaan then please make the journey here - you will love it.