From Paris to Golden Square

Saturday, March 23rd , 2024

taillevent 4032 outside very good-crop-v2.jpeg

Taillevent in Paris is one of the icons of French cuisine, running since 1946. After once having three Michelin stars, it had a relatively rough culinary patch for a time but has now been restored to two Michelin star status with a new chef. The meal we had was excellent, reflecting the quite classical style of food that characterises the restaurant. A scallop souffle was particularly impressive, as was a fine turbot dish and a whole black truffle baked in pastry. 

Bebe Bob is a restaurant in the Bob Bob Ricard stable, serving only roast chicken as a main course. The starters and desserts that we tried were pretty ordinary, but the central roast chicken itself was top-notch. They use Landes chicken from Arnaud Tauzin, a genuinely classy producer, and the bird itself was lovely. It is amazing how much flavour this chicken has as compared to others that you see, even in most high-end restaurants. You are served half a chicken (a whole chicken is shared between two) so maybe just skip the rest of the options and eat this on its own.