From Soho to Piccadilly

Saturday, November 19th , 2022

ritz 4032 crab dish-crop-v2.jpeg  

Jugemu is a bit like the fictional restaurant in the TV series “Midnight Diner”: a solitary chef producing a wide range of food, the customers mostly gathered around the counter and chatting to the chef as he cooks. Sushi is the strong suit here and is classy, but there were several other dishes too, including a superb bonito starter. The clientele appears to be almost entirely Japanese, and the food is up there with the best of its kind in London.

The Ritz is an old favourite, and continues to operate like a Swiss watch, producing food of a strong 2 star Michelin calibre despite Michelin’s one star rating. There were old favourites such as the langoustine a la nage and new dishes such as an orange pre-dessert and lovely pear dessert at this meal.