From Whitehall to Ewell

Saturday, June 08th , 2024

kioku 4032 dining room-crop-v2.jpeg

Kioku (pictured) is in the Raffles Hotel in the Old War Office in Whitehall. It serves a somewhat unusual mix of Japanese food with Italian, the dishes mostly one or the other rather than being Italian/Japanese fusion. It is very smartly decorated, and although it is hardly a cheap night out, the food was very good indeed, probably better than it really needed to be in this rooftop location. It was already packed just days after opening. 

I was unable to keep away from Dastaan after such a good recent meal. I only reviewed it a couple of weeks ago so have not written a fresh review, but the food was every bit as good as on my previous visits here. This is without doubt some of the finest Indian food to be found in and around London.