From Trafalgar Square to the South Bank

Saturday, May 25th , 2024

hannah 4032 starter tray excellent-crop-v2.jpeg

Gouqi is a smart Chinese restaurant just off Trafalgar Square, home to the gifted chef Tong Chee Hwee, who was chef at HKK and the executive chef of the Hakkasan group. The best dishes here are really classy, such as the exceptional salt and pepper squid and the scallop with prawn dish that we had as a main course. This is not a cheap outing, but you are getting some classy food.

Hannah is a high-end kaiseki restaurant, a rarity in London. It is in an unlikely South Bank location, and maybe that is why it is not better known. The skill levels and ingredient quality are superb, the presentation of dishes (example pictured) is exquisite and the staff are lovely. The standard of dishes starts high and never lets up through the meal. There is a fine sake collection as well as wine.