New Indian Restaurants of Mayfair

Saturday, November 27th , 2021

bibi 5472 outside-crop-v2.JPG

There have been quite a lot of up-market Indian restaurant openings in the last years or so, often by well-resourced restaurant groups, but not all are especially good. Madhu’s of Mayfair is in the Dilly Hotel in the listed dining room that once saw Marco Pierre White cooking. Sadly, although I liked the original Madhus in Southall and its younger sister at The Sheraton in west London, the meal we had at the Mayfair incarnation was quite disappointing. A really poor prawn dish was particularly disheartening. Other dishes were decent enough, but I will be sticking to the west London Madhus branches.

A higher profile venture is Bibi (pictured), with an experienced chef from the successful JKS group at the helm, offering modern Indian dishes. Despite the track record of the chef and the group, we had a very erratic meal here. Some dishes were fine and one or two were quite good, but several were lacklustre, and it was odd to see a consistent lack of bold spicing, with bland dish after bland dish. This was an expensive disappointment.