From Shoreditch to Ravenscourt Park

Saturday, October 22nd , 2022

amorosa 4032 saffron risotto excellent-crop-v2.jpeg

L’Amorosa in Ravenscourt Park closed throughout the pandemic but has gradually been reopening, albeit only a few nights a week. Chef Andy Needham is on his own in the kitchen at present, and is continuing to produce the same lovely Italian dishes as he did when he gained a Michelin star for Zafferano. The saffron risotto here (pictured) is one of the best in London, and the intensity of flavour of the ragus that Andy produces is impressive. 

The Princess of Shoreditch now has Simon Bonwick in the kitchen, and although he no longer cooks entirely solo, his classic French cookery skills were still very much in evidence at this meal. We enjoyed some lovely dishes including some fine fish cookery, and an unusual cheese dish was a bonus.