I Resume Reviewing

Saturday, January 29th , 2022

black-salt 5472 tandoori lamb chops-crop-v2.JPG

For the past few weeks I have been in a sort of self-imposed lockdown during the surge of omicron cases in London, as the UK government seem to have forgotten to impose one despite one in 15 Londoners having active Covid. Case numbers are dropping now, though they are still high, but I decided to resume my reviewing. 

I started off at Black Salt, an impressive 2021 opening in Sheen, and a restaurant that is the sister of the wonderful Dastaan. Black Salt has hired an experienced chef to cook the Dastaan recipes, and they follow the same approach of only grinding spices when needed rather than in a large batch at the start of the week; the effect is noticeable, as individual spices can be clearly distinguished on the plate rather than merely blending into a similar amalgam in dish after dish, which happens all too often. The tandoori cooking is spot on here, shown by excellent chilli prawns and fine tandoori lamb chops (pictured), while the methi chicken here is top class.  Black Salt has no PR firm and indeed no obvious PR budget at all, so it is all word of mouth at present. Get a reservation while you still can.