From Twickenham to Piccadilly

Saturday, July 02nd , 2022

ritz 4032 chocolate sphere presented-crop-v2.jpeg  

Shiuli is a fairly new Indian restaurant owned by Alfred Prasad, one of the first chefs to gain a Michelin star for an Indian restaurant (at Tamarind in 2002). Our meal was rather less impressive than I had hoped, with a scallop dish arriving cold, a bream curry with some distinctly dubious fish, and one ill-judged dessert. This was a shame as there were some decent enough dishes in between these. However, this level of inconsistency makes it hard to recommend.

The Ritz is serving the best food in London right now, as confirmed at this meal. Unlike many London restaurants these days, who are serving distinctly quotidian ingredients in order to keep costs down, the meal was packed with luxury ingredients such as large langoustines, caviar, wild turbot and more. The meal concluded with a spectacular chocolate dessert (pictured).