From East Sheen to Soho

Saturday, August 26th , 2023

speedboat-bar 4032 outsdie very good-crop-v2.jpeg

I had another couple of lovely meals at Black Salt in East Sheen, sister of the wonderful Dastaan and considerably easier for me to get to. The menu here is much the same as at Dastaan and does change from time to time. For example, there was a tasty new fried spiced potato called aloo tuk, and a very good mushroom curry flavoured with black truffle. The established favourites are consistently good, such as the tandoori lamb chops, the kale bhajias and the red pepper prawns, amongst other dishes.

Speedboat Bar in Soho (pictured) is a very well marketed Thai restaurant that has plenty of positive reviews. I have to say that I was unclear as to why this was based on my lunch here, which was distinctly ordinary and far from cheap. Maybe they were having a bad day, though I could not help noticing that both the executive and head chefs were absent. This should not really matter (it was also true of my latest two Black Salt meals and there was nothing wrong with those) but it clearly can affect things at less well run places.